Goulburn City

Proclaimed a city in 1863 Goulburn became Australia's first inland city and by 1869 was linked to Sydney by rail.  Goods and visitors were also transported into Goulburn along the South Road which linked into Sloane and Grafton Street.  Because of its superb location Goulburn quickly became an important and thriving metropolis.  

The South Road was replaced by the Hume Highway which passed through Goulburn's shopping precinct.  Main street cafes flourished - Goulburn was an important stopover for travellers heading further south.  The Hume Highway bypassed Goulbum in 1992.  

The City of Roses

To change Goulburn's perception as a highway stopover famous for its many cafes a Rose Committee was established in 1993.  The title City of Roses was registered in 1994.  A city of cafes became the City of Roses.

Goulburn's Rose Committee is a group of dedicated volunteers who achieved a lot in a short time.  The money it raises is used to establish and maintain the rose gardens which position Goulburn as the City of Roses.

Victoria Park, Goulburn's biggest, already had a rose garden established by Quota as a bicentennial project.  A donation of 1,000 roses by Swanes Nurseries meant this became the main rose garden. The Ben Swane Walk, named in recognition of this generosity, is a feature of Victoria Park's rose garden.

There are nine major public gardens in Goulbum displaying over 8,000 roses.  Roses are now an important part of Goulburn's heritage and tourism.

City of Goulburn Rose

No flower is more appreciated or diverse in form than cultivated roses.  Roses are symbols of peace, hope and love.  Goulburn now has its own rose - The City of Goulburn Rose, a hardy floribunda type bush rose first introduced in 1994 thrives in Goulburn's climate.  The City of Goulburn Rose is registered under Plant Variety Rights.

The Beslan Memorial Rose was cultivated by Goulburn resident Max Ryan, multi-award winning rose grower and judge and was presented to the Russian Ambassador at the 2005 Annual Rose Festival.

Rose Gardens

To honour police officers who lost their lives while performing their duties 500 roses were planted in a Memorial Rose Garden in the Goulburn Police Academy grounds.  Officially opened in February, 1997 by the then Police Minister, Paul Whelan, the floodlit gardens include a bronze sculpture of upturned and upright police hats as a symbol of camaraderie.  An external flame burns in perpetuity.

Roses are also featured in front of Goulburn Court House, Goulbum Police Station, Goulburn Railway Station, the
former Police Station and Court House, Goulburn Race Course, Railway Bowling Club and many other locations
including Goulburn Base Hospital.

The rose is a flower that sits comfortably with Goulburn's heritage buildings, broad streets,
spacious parks and majestic trees.  Every March roses triumph in a spectacle of floral
excellence that is Goulburn's Annual Rose Festival - now a major annual draw card for all
rose fanciers and families.  Because of its many attractions and festivals Goulburn is
no longer simply a stopover - but a destination.

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